IWB Lightbearing Holster

IWB Lightbearing Holster


Each IWB Holster Features:

  • Injection molded belt clip for increased strength
  • Slim Design using 0.08″ kydex for increased durability and optimum concealment
  • Strong “snap” fit for secure weapon retention.
  • Lifetime warranty
  • No hassle, money back guarantee

Customize Your Holster:

Please select gun model
Choose a light option
Please choose handling option.
Please choose color.
Select belt size.
Choose suppressor heights sights
Select RMR or Red Dot Sight
Choose an option


Code 4 Defense is proud to announce our new Precision Retention System (PRS).

We start by taking highly accurate 3-D scans of firearms and lights. We then use the scans to produce a 3-D model of the IWB lightbearing holster mold. Once everything is modeled on the computer, we make a custom model for the firearm. This entire process is performed in-house and allows us to produce a holster that is precision fit for your handgun/light combo. Whether you are using it on the range, or on duty, our IWB lightbearing kydex holsters will provide you with a secure fit for your firearm.

  • Injection molded belt clip for increased strength. 
  • Slim Design using 0.08″ kydex for increased durability and optimum concealment. 
  • Strong “snap” fit for secure weapon retention. 
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • No hassle, money back guarantee.



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