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FNX Holsters

FNX™-45 Tactical Kydex Holsters for Concealed Carry

IWB, OWB, Light Bearing, Drop Leg Holsters, Mag Carriers

Improving on the FNP™-45 Tactical, developed for the U.S. Joint Combat Pistol Program, the FNX™-45 Tactical was born and bred for battle.

Our holsters utilize the best Kydex and materials to produce the most reliable, lightweight and dependable holster you can buy for your FNX™-45 Tactical pistol.

Code 4 Defense gun holsters are molded to the most precise replica of the gun, including the FNX™-45 Tactical pistol, allowing the holster to ride as close to the body as possible for maximum concealment.

Whether you prefer OWB, IWB, Drop Leg or Light Bearing holster, we can customize your holster to your specifications.

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  • Sale! Drop Leg Kydex Holster

    Drop Leg Kydex Holster

  • Sale! Blackout series IWB with Multicam Black

    BLACKOUT Series IWB Holster

  • Sale! IWB Lightbearing Holster, Blackout Series

    BLACKOUT Series IWB Light Bearing Holster

  • Sale! OWB Kydex Holster

    OWB Kydex Holster

  • Sale! OWB Kydex Paddle Holster

    OWB Kydex Paddle Holster

  • Sale! OWB Light Bearing Holster

    OWB Light Bearing Holster

  • Sale! OWB Light Bearing Paddle Holster

    OWB Light Bearing Paddle Holster